This text is created on June 24, 2020, almost exactly on the 4th anniversary of the Honorine brand. This is a great opportunity to create a new note.

What would we like to tell you today? First of all, repeat our declaration: we want to create a brand that offers fragrances made of the best quality essences, available at the best possible prices. Nature also remains our inspiration. What changed? The influence of French culture and the beginnings of traditional perfumery - are no longer so important to us ... We are here and now. Fresh and open. For you.

The word ESSENCES has also come to us again. It is now in our logo and talks about our direction, about our future. You can learn more about this by reading the Notebook, in which we try to inspire you to the inner journey, on which natural essences will inevitably take you. We write in it about the action of essential oils, their intelligent strength that affects our biofield, about their high vibrations - the highest of substances known to man.
The Notebook is available at honorinewords.com
See you / meet in the Honorine fragrance cloud
and on the pages of the Notebook.