Honorine is a Polish brand of natural perfumes
made of the best quality essential oils..
We combine the beauty of the composition
with the healing effects of essential oils.

The brand was founded in 2016 in Krakow. From the beginning, our idea is to produce perfumes composed of the highest quality natural essences, offered at the best possible price.
Our inspiration is still traditional perfumery and Nature.

The beauty and impressions of the fragrance are as important to us as the highest quality of the essence:

Natural essences: oils and absolutes

Honorine perfumes do not contain not only chemicals, but also the so-called natural fragrance compositions imitating specific fragrance notes (e.g. jasmine),
but they are made of original plant essences (oils and absolutes). Hence their characteristic color, but also a deep, natural scent.

Aromatherapeutic quality of ingredients

As perfume ingredients, we use only therapeutic-quality oils marked with the symbol "medical grade", they are the purest and most valuable on the market. In terms of smell, they are characterized by great complexity and richness of nuances, as well as the natural nobility characteristic of the scent of high-quality essences. Many of them come from organic farming or from wild plants (e.g. vetiver, elderflower, rose, olibanum). The remaining essences are absolutes (absolute oils), highly valued in perfumery.

100% natural fragrances

Although certification organizations allow some "chemistry" to be used in natural cosmetics, we were inspired by the idea of ​​completely natural, healing fragrances. As a result, Honorine products contain only the most valuable essential oils and absolutes as well as pure alcohol.

Safe product

Our products contain only certified essences from a trusted supplier. Honorine perfumes meet 100% of the strict standards of IFRA International Frangrance Association (International Fragrance Association).