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Honorine was established in May 2016 in Cracow, where it has remained until now.
My main goal is to create a brand which offers fragrances
composed of natural essences of the best quality,
and available at the best possible prices.
I have been inspired by traditional perfumery and, of course, Nature:)
In a sense, this fascination with the past and with the quality,
declining in today’s world, has inspired my own exploration and development,
to create unique formulas based on pure botanical essences.

Monika Olszewska
Founder & Perfumer


exceptional perfume – Honorine scents do not contain any so-called natural perfume compositions (blends)
imitating particular scent notes (e.g jasmin),
as they are composed of original essences (oils and absolutes).
This is the source of their characteristic colour and deep, natural character.